Bells History - Invention and Origins

Here you can learn more about the amazing history of bells – their journey through the last three thousand years of our history, changes they brought to our culture and the most popular superstition they managed to center around them.

Early Bell

History of Bells

As one of the oldest percussion instruments, bells managed to have incredible journey trough he last four thousand years of our modern history. Here you can find out more about their creation in Ancient China, spreading across Asia and introduction in all modern religions.

Towerl Bell

History of Church Bells

Churches cannot be imagined without their bells, symbols of their connection with deities and incredible musical instrument that can inspire hope and happiness in their followers. Here you can find out how bells managed to infuse themselves in many modern religions.

Old Ringing Bell

History of Bell Ringing

Since their creation, sound of the bell ringing managed to infuse itself into our way of life. Its powerful and pleasant sound managed to convey wide range of emotions, from religious might, peace, happiness, to sadness and danger. Here you can learn more how bells and their incredible music managed to become so popular.

Church Wedding Bell

History of Wedding Bells

Ever since bells started being used many thousand years ago, people started developing popular superstitions and traditions connected with their sounds. One of the most popular ones is tradition of ringing bells at weddings. Find out more about this popular superstition here.

Old French Bell